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At Liberty Hill, we care about our children’s ministry. 

We’re committed to helping parents lead their children to Christ and believe that the next generation is the most important! We have a lot of fun at Liberty Hill, with movie nights, yearly festivals, and a fantastic Jesus-centered curriculum. We welcome kids ranging from birth to 5th grade and can’t wait to meet your kiddos!


Is your family new to Liberty Hill Church? 

Check out the following video from our Childern’s Ministry Director – Kristin Cheek for some helpful information. 


What will my child learn in the Liberty Hill Kidz Environments?2020-08-30T21:01:56+00:00

Your child will learn about Jesus and The Bible in a fun engaging way. Our curriculum is from, which is a Christian organization dedicated to providing church ministries with Biblically-based, relative, engaging material for next-generation ministries.

How Does Liberty Hill Church ensure my child is safe and secure?2020-08-30T20:56:53+00:00

Facilities, People, Procedures.

  • Our facilities are cleaned/sanitized each week and are outfitted with appropriate safety equipment. 

  • Each volunteer is background checked and trained to properly care for your child and we have a security team in place each week to ensure the safety of our facility and your children. 

  • We have procedures in place to handle any situation that may arise and other procedures such as our check in system so that only the parent or guardian can leave with their children and not a stranger. 


Where & how do I check my child in?2020-08-30T20:59:38+00:00

The Check-In station is located at the main entrance to our church, which is at the center of our church. If you need assistance finding it, please look for the signs or a volunteer to help you. Once you get to the station, a volunteer will walk you through the process, collecting appropriate information to reach you in case of an emergency or just to update you on how well your child is doing on their first visit. You will leave the station with a pick-up sticker for each child that you dropped off and must return with that sticker to pick up your child.